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Designing The "State-Of-The-Art" Laboratory I

Who Should Attend?
Learning Objectives
Course Description

Course Outline
Course Director

ho Should Attend

This course is intended for those building owners, superintendents, scientists, engineers, architects, and project managers who are in a position to comment on laboratory designs and renovations but who have relatively little experience in such designs. This class will also benefit experienced laboratory designers who wish to learn about new concepts such as: Variable Face Velocity Control (VFV), high performance Bi-Stable Vortex constant volume fume hoods, which increases user safety with energy savings and lower construction first costs. Another new concept to be discussed is selecting fume hoods based on improved flow coefficient designs. A high performance hood is a cornerstone in U.S. Green Buildings Council's LEEDTM rating system. Class participation will be encouraged so that all specific questions may be addressed by both the faculty and the participants.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will gain an understanding of the overall process of developing a "state-of-the-art" "green" laboratory, the current regulations and adherence guidelines, and the issues related to engineering, architects, mechanical systems, and equipment project planning.

Course Description

This course is intended to provide participants with a broad and practical introduction to good design parameters for laboratories. These parameters will reflect the state-of-the-art for contemporary laboratories.

Particular emphasis will be placed on laboratory safety, fume hood applications, and HVAC including its associated energy conservation.

Depending on the interest of the participant, the subject matter can address support areas such as animal rooms, clean rooms, isolation rooms, and others.

Course Outline


New Health Law and Codes and Effect on Laboratory Mechanical System Design

Hood Population, Air Exchange Rate, Chemical Safety Plan
New standards for Safe Laboratory Evaluation
What OSHA Requires for Fume Hood Performance Testing and a Safety Plan to address these issues

Determining the Quality of the Fume Hood You Have or Plan to Purchase

The Need to Create a Fume Hood Safe Operating Curve
Testing Fume Hoods to Fail, not to Pass
A Generic Fume Hood Testing Specification to Guarantee Safe Hood Performance

Designing a Safe, High Performance, LEEDTM Fume Hood

Mono-Stable Vortex versus Bi-Stable Vortex Fume Hoods
How To "Fix" Poor Performing Fume Hoods
First Cost and Energy Savings

Deciding Laboratory Concept

The ultimate "Green Laboratory" eliminates General Exhaust and makes every CFM of Exhaust Air Flow Accountable
Designing a Laboratory following the Principals in "Natural Capitalism".

Laboratory Commissioning & Validation Configuration Management


Laboratory Controls

Pitfalls in Today's Balancers
Who Must Take Charge
Life After The Contractors are Gone

Course Director

Robert Morris is a partner of the office of Henry Klumb Configuration Management Consultants (OHK/CMC) who supplies both laboratory planning nationally and internationally for chemical and biological research facilities and pharmaceutical facilities. Prior to joining OHK/CMC, he was president of RH Morris & Associates, a provider of product design consultations for major laboratory control manufacturers. Prior to this, he was manager of System Applications Engineering for Air Monitor Corporation. Earlier in his career, he worked for Union Carbide as a Senior Process Control Engineer and Machine Control Engineer for Hughes Industries.

Mr. Morris was the inventor of closed loop VAV fume hood control and his patents formed the basis of this industry. Now, after years of study, his latest improvement to his earlier work, the high performance Bi-stable vortex fume hood with Variable Face Velocity Control (VFV), provides the ultimate in fume hood safety and energy conservation. The Bi-stable vortex fume hood is references in "Natural Capitalism" as one of the technologies creating the next industrial revolution. In addition, he has written numerous articles concerning laboratory design and fume hood systems. He is considered one of the pioneers on Indoor Air Quality issues He has lectured for numerous professional and commercial organizations around the world. Mr. Morris is considered an expert on airflow and containment control issues by the Federal Court, and has received patents on applications for airflow measurement instruments, fume hood controls, linear control valves, linear mechanical actuators, and ultra low pressure transducers.

Mr. Morris is a member of the National Society for Professional Engineers, the Instrument Society of America, and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

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