"It's like having the performance tracer gas test operating full time."

A SAFE HOOD AS… defined by the OSHA lab standard, prevents the escape of contaminants above the permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) and Threshold limit Values (TLVs) or, at a level that does not pose a health hazard. The law mandates proper fume hood performance.

FACE VELOCITY MEASUREMENT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Face velocity is all about fume capture and nothing about fume containment. Fume containment is all about calculating the Reynolds-Average Navier-Stoke Equation, governing unsteady, incompressible flows. Both physics and empirical testing proves that containment is all about internal vortex development. The ASHRAE-110 test proves that fume hood spill is cyclically not a steady fume release. The precursor to a fume hood spill is the collapse of this vortex. Room supply air distribution, supply air temperature, room pressure, fume hood loading, usage and location all impact fume hoods vortex at any face velocity. The extent that these factors influence fume hood containment depends on the type and brand of fume hood selected.

FOR THE FIRST TIME THE USER HAS A "REAL TIME" PERFORMANCE INDICATOR. Hood AlertTM utilizes our patented VFVTM pressure transducer. Designed to measure the fume hood vortex pressure. We supply the exact location for your hood where the vortex pressure must be monitored. It's the next best thing to having an ASHRAE-110 performance tracer gas test operating full time. The worry of not knowing what brand fume hood will be used, what face velocity is correct, and how well the system is balanced for a particular hood disappears. The Hood AlertTM provides that extra degree of comfort to the employer/owner, hood user, Architect or Engineer!



Our signal is a direct measurement of what is happening in the hood. Flow Safe's Hood AlertTM is uniquely qualified to truly measure and control fume hood performance. The alarm mimics the ASHRAE Tracer gas test, and provides instant hazard communication when containment is compromised.

USER FRIENDLY. Calibration and configuration programming is done through the tamper proof settings. Menu driven programs guide personnel through setup and operation.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Hood status is displayed on optional LCD display, and highly visible LED's. When improper face velocity occurs, an audible/visual alarm is triggered. Hazard communication is via a red flashing, LED and an audible alarm signal. The audible alarm may be silenced, while The red hazard light remains on until normal flow is restored. The audible alarm automatically rearms once the conditions clears.


The Hood AlertTM offers many user selected functions. Every set-point (even caution) is independently adjustable. Users can program units of measure, time delay and audio alarm. The Hood AlertTM is available for monitor only or monitor and control.

STABLE AND RELIABLE. The Hood AlertTM is engineered to provide overall system stability. The sensor is accurate over a wide range of operating temperatures. Optional P,I,I/D (adaptive gain) control circuit prevents hunting. The optional Dam tm actuator and REV tm linear damper provides additional accuracy and stability. The Hood Alert tm has a 2 year warranty, incorporates patented, state-of-the-art technology, and is manufactured to industrial standards, including ISO 9001.

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