The Best of Both Worlds

For almost 2 decades, Flow Safe has been manufacturing industrial quality fume hood and laboratory airflow alarm and control systems. From the beginning, we have been committed to providing the safest, most energy efficient laboratory environments in the industry.

Flow Safe engineers were the first to invent, and patent, Variable Air Volume controls for fume hoods. This patent became the basis for all laboratory fume hood controls throughout the world. In fact, the original patent for closed loop VAV control hangs in Flow Safe's lobby.

We recognize that in today's regulatory and litigious climate, the design, implementation and ultimate success of today's laboratory ventilation systems require the integration of health and safety issues, fume hood operation, systems engineering, energy conservation techniques, in addition to equipment selection and maintenance.

For the first time, a fume hood was designed with features to support greater fume hood safety containment, and energy efficiency, Bi-stable Vortex fume hood. Concurrently, years of research , testing, and refinement resulted in the world's most technologically advanced fume hood containment control system -- VFV-Variable Face Velocity Controls. The Bi-Stable Vortex fume safety cabinet has a mathematically and aerodynamically designed vortex chamber. This combined with the bi-stable vortex maintained by the VFV Control System and automatically articulating baffle make standard, mono-stable vortex VAV hoods obsolete.

Among the benefits already enjoyed by industry leaders around the world are:

• Maximum Achievable Fume Hood Safety
• Up to 60% First Cost Reduction and Substantial Operational Energy Savings
• Constant Volume Simplicity

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Eileen Klees
Chief Operating Officer
Flow Safe, Inc.


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